Getflix DNS-over-VPN provides an alternative way of connecting to our DNS servers using a VPN. This allows you to use our DNS servers in situations where it wouldn't normally be possible. The best part is, the VPN is only used for DNS, all other connectio

Of course, Getflix is much more than that. They provide the chance to unblock many other channels and they even have VPN included free of charge to their subscribers. Let’s find out more about them at our Getflix SmartDNS review. Features. As we have already pointed out, Getflix boasts having access to more than 20 different versions of Getflix Help Network Updates. Netflix Update 2016 April 8th. Netflix Update - XBOX; General ★ Why has the service stopped working? Can I bypass transparent DNS filters and hijacking with DD-WRT/Linux routers? How do I flush my DNS cache? Can I selectively use Getflix DNS servers for specific domains? Common Questions. Does Getflix support IPv6? Smart DNS Proxy and Getflix are considered to be among the best VPN companies in the world. To an inexperienced eye, they may seem almost identical. Users interested in getting a VPN often face a dilemma concerning which of these two to go for and which provider is better for their particular needs.

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Getflix is the first and only VPN I have used, so I can't compare it to other services. But I have never had the need too since Getflix works perfect. I have used Getflix for about two years from Sweden and I have never had any problem with watching US Netflix nor any BBC shows on the iplayer!

Remplacez simplement votre adresse DNS locale par une adresse proxy basée aux États-Unis. Vous pouvez utiliser un service comme Getflix pour obtenir une adresse DNS. Une fois que vous avez ouvert un compte, accédez à Liste des serveurs DNS mondiaux de Getflixet notez l’adresse DNS du pays que vous souhaitez utiliser.

The long awaited Getflix Region Switching feature has been released. Starting with the UK, you can now easily switch Netflix regions between the US and the UK. Login to your account at Regardez des films et des séries TV Netflix en ligne, sur votre smart TV, console de jeu, PC, Mac, smartphone, tablette et bien plus. Getflix is a smart DNS proxy and VPN service provider that made a name for itself by allowing subscribers to unblock Netflix from outside the USA. Netflix has since cracked down on services like Getflix, so despite the name, Getflix is blocked by Netflix and will not work. It can unblock plenty of other streaming services, but the website doesn Even though Getflix looks like a reliable Smart DNS solution, you should absolutely avoid it as a VPN service. To see why, read our full Getflix review.